Dj Rok the consummate trouble maker has a gift for getting people worked up by saying the right things to stir up a response. It’s a trait he perfected while being a d.j. in some of the hottest clubs. He gained an understanding of what makes people tick and capitalized on it. With the right music at the right time and with the right things being said he could make the crowd go crazy. This also helped him with his other talent as a music producer, because of hearing what music is hot from being a d.j. he knew what music to make gaining himself a reputation as a hot producer. Then next for Dj Rok t.v. with his love to cause mayhem he took what he knew about pushing peoples buttons onto the small screen making the phone lines light up with content like the “Ho’ Swatter” and “Pre-Paid Sex” and “Bad Neighbors”. But all in all, this dude has a gift for saying things that people want to say,but don’t know how or is scared to say. He gets down to the nitty gritty and puts folks in their place, because so many people can mess things up or get it twisted on how it should be. Dj Rok is so multitalented, from comedy, to production, to promoting, to entertaining, and rocking a crowd he is definitely on his way. He has been mistaken for T-Pain and Bernie Mac at times, so If you Like those dudes,your gonna love him guaranteed. He has cemented his place as the most controversial cast member on “OFF DA GRILL” tune in to see what he does next.

ALL ABOUT “ Dj. Rok”

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